Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Estate Sale and why would I need one?

An Estate Sale is a sale conducted within the home rather than in the yard or the garage. In an Estate Sale, the ENTIRE contents of the home are for sale rather than just a small portion of select items. Estate sales usually arise as a result of some life-changing event, such as the death of a loved one, moving, downsizing, marriage, divorce, liquidation or foreclosure. Because these events can be very emotional and stressful, they are best handled by a caring and professional staff trained to handle just such situations. When dealing with your cherished, often lifelong accumulation of items, specialized knowledge and experience are key for a successful sale with the highest rate of return.

What do I need to do to prepare for my estate sale?

Before having your estate sale, you must first remove or tag any items that are not to be sold in the sale. These include personal items of sentimental value and paperwork belonging to the home or business owner.

DO NOT throw anything away. Trash is treasure. Valuable and noteworthy items are often overlooked when evaluating your belongings. Everything else is a potential sale. Discarding anything can reduce the potential productivity of your sale. Our trained and professional staff will carefully assess each item and discard only what has no re-sale value.

Why hire a professional?

Estate Sales often arise at times when emotions are high and energy is low. They require a tremendous amount of preparation, focus, organization, research and precious time. Each item to be sold must be assessed, tagged, and accurately priced. Some items require marketing outside the estate sale itself. Advertising using a variety of medias is key. Digital photographs and descriptions of items must be taken and posted prior to the sale and signs must be made and posted in the vicinity of the sale. Permits are acquired where necessary and fees are sometimes required. The sale is most successful when conducted in a structured, organized manner.

We are here to minimize your stress and clean up the mess!

What do I do with items that do not sell at the Estate Sale?

There are many options available for items that do not sell. Buyout options, clean-out services, eBay or craigslist listings, public auction, or charitable donations.

We work with you to determine the best plan for your unique circumstances! 




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